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Launching an academy for preschool-aged lawyers

An attention-grabbing prank with a bigger purpose

On social media, people don’t really care about how great your employee policies are or how amazing your company culture is. That’s why we needed a clever and creative way to help iCLAW show (rather than tell) why they are not your typical law firm.

So, on 1 April, we announced the launch of the iCRAWL Junior Suits Academy – a lawyer training programme for under-fives to hone their skills, get real industry training, and start building their careers.

It was a brave campaign for any client (let alone a law firm). And if you haven’t guessed from the launch date, it was also an April Fool’s joke.

The intention behind it, however, was not in jest. It was a nod to how privileged the iCLAW partners feel to be part of the lives of their team (six of whom recently went on maternity leave!). It was also a way to show that iCLAW is not a business where parental leave is a black mark on a lawyer’s career.

After presenting the initial video concept to the client, we worked hard to integrate the story across different channels. From a dedicated website and a homepage takeover to social media, media relations and digital billboards – this was a truly integrated campaign with multiple touchpoints.

The results? Phenomenal. Web traffic increased by almost 300% year on year, the video broke goldfish attention spans with a 73.3% view duration on YouTube, and social engagement was through the roof. Anecdotally, this was shared extensively via word of mouth.

Our clever media approach also landed iCLAW an interview with Tova O’Brien on Today FM to discuss the real story of why iCLAW is not like other firms. We also achieved coverage with Newshub, NZ Lawyer Magazine, Radio New Zealand and MSN.

It is safe to say that this captured the hearts and minds of Kiwis (while fooling a few too!). If you haven’t checked out the video yet, check it out above. Or you can view it here. Spoiler alert, it is adorable!


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