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Introducing a premium collagen product into a competitive market

Making a beauty launch go further than skin deep

BePure Collagen+ Product

Collagen has become an essential step in many a beauty routine. And when leading clinical nutritionist, Ben Warren, and the expert team at BePure launched Collagen+, we knew we needed to educate consumers on what made this new product next level.

Launching into a competitive market was a challenge. Fighting for shelf space and airtime on an already well-told collagen story, we harnessed BePure’s science-backed wellness credentials to show that BePure Collagen+ went beyond skin deep.

By introducing the concept of ‘inflammaging’ and encouraging Kiwis to think beyond beauty with their collagen, we were able to position BePure Collagen+ as a serious player in the collagen market. Utilising Ben’s credibility as an expert in this field supported our targeted media approach. Lending his knowledge to the media ensured we could educate Kiwis that Collagen+ was more than just an anti-ageing product.

Of course, a product launch like this is not complete without ensuring key media get the opportunity to trial it for themselves. A premium product like Collagen+ required a high-end send out, so top-quality packaging, colour-coordinated satin ribbons and clever labelling were used to carefully ship the product off to recipients in style.

The icing on the cake of the Collagen+ send out? Jars of handmade bliss ball snacks from Hamilton-based raw food experts at Two Birds Eatery. Cleverly incorporating the Vanilla and Chai collagen flavours into the bliss balls provided a tasty treat for media while also showcasing the versatility of the product.

Soon after launching, Collagen+ had made its way into the pages of some of New Zealand’s most popular beauty and lifestyle publications, reaching the country’s most discerning beauty consumers and collagen fans. Featuring in WOMAN Magazine, The Urban List, Gekkan and My Wedding Magazine, our launch activity ensured that Collagen+ was in front of consumers early on and with all of the right messaging.


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