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Connecting a coveted jewellery brand with Kiwi content creators

Working with influencers to increase brand awareness, recognition, and reach

Influencer Rosalie Burns showcasing the Larceny Kahn I earrings
Influencer Rosalie Burns showcasing the Larceny Kahn I earrings

After we successfully launched them into the New Zealand fashion industry in late-2020, bespoke jewellery brand Larceny came to us again for help with its pursuit in becoming one of the most coveted designer jewellery brands in the country. Wanting to increase brand awareness and establish a strong brand recognition amongst new audiences, Jim Law, founder, and sole designer of Larceny, got in touch with us.

With a jewellery line and brand story as beautiful and interesting as Larceny’s, the world of marketing this brand to a target audience of design-conscious consumers was seemingly one big oyster. However, taking into account the businesses small budget for the work and the need-to-succeed after a productive launch, we knew we needed to be clever about our approach in this project to achieve the results Jim was after.

After brainstorming and chatting with Jim, we knew that it was prime time for Larceny to pursue an influencer campaign. What better way to showcase Larceny’s beautiful pieces than through a talented Kiwi content creator with an engaged following?

The influencer approach began with researching and collating a ‘priority list’ of social media figures that not only matched with the aesthetic and feel of the brand, but they also aligned with Larceny’s values and would connect with the brand’s story and ethos. Our bespoke reach out process connected us with the ideal Larceny ‘key opinion leaders’ through a considered pitch, series of conversations and a carefully-curated messaging brief and contract to seal the deal.

At the end of the influencer approach process, the three-part Larceny influencer campaign was set to begin. Partnering with three talented Instagram-based content creators from Aotearoa-wide, Mika Cotton, Rosalie Burns and Jess Molina, each influencer launched their Larceny content to their audiences over the months of June, July and August.

With a collective following of 65,000+ people between the three profiles, Larceny’s jewellery found itself in the Instagram stories and feeds of thousands of design-conscious Kiwis through the content produced. One post even totalled an engagement rate of 17.6%, skyrocketing past the Instagram average of 1.22%, showing how influencer partnerships give you that extra-valuable access to an engaged group of consumers.

We loved working with this talented team of creators, not only because they nailed the brief and Larceny’s aesthetic, but they all managed to connect with the story behind the pieces and the brand itself - highlighting once again just how important it is to choose brand representatives that tick all the boxes.


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