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Developing a brand voice for Seed Waikato

Taking a brand beyond a logo and colour palette

A brand is so much more than a logo and a colour palette. Knowing how your brand sounds, behaves and makes people feel is critical when there are more channels than ever for us to communicate with our customers and clients instantly.

When youth charity Seed Waikato wanted to develop a strong identity beyond their vibrant visual look, they worked with us to ensure their language reflected the charity’s mahi (work).

Starting with an interactive workshop filled with thought-provoking ideas and concepts, we canvassed perspectives from all corners of the organisation to capture the essence of the brand. As a charity serving young people, it was vital that we considered their perspectives on the Seed Waikato brand and worked hard to ensure inclusivity.

Taking away invaluable insights from the workshop, Brainchild then developed an easy to digest, infographic inspired document that could easily be understood and referred to by the many people within the organisation.

Not only did the workshop bring along key players on the journey, but it helped with developing a clearer description of who Seed Waikato was and what they did. The carefully designed document became something that was referred to when team members were drafting internal and external communication. It also became a useful induction tool in helping new people adapt to the Seed style.

As a living document, Brainchild also works with Seed regularly to update this document as the organisation evolves.


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