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Finding new ways to connect with ‘serious property seekers’

Growing consumer awareness and providing value with creative use of data

As NZ’s only industry owned property website, knows the property market. They have been helping Kiwis buy and sell property since 1996. But with fierce competition among property websites in New Zealand, we needed to utilise traditional PR and content to ensure they were consistently top of mind for Kiwis.

We know Kiwis love to talk property. How could we help ensure was included in the conversation?

The property report has for more than a decade provided useful insights to the industry, media, and consumers. However, the property report only scratched the surface of the rich data had at its fingertips. Leveraging real-time digital insights and data dating back to 2007, we worked with to find new property stories that gave consumers more of what they were looking for.

We also identified new ways to capitalise on the monthly property report. Ensuring had a regional presence, we focussed on building media relationships and providing hyperlocal property statistics relevant to each audience. Our stakeholder engagement programme ensured influential players in regional markets were kept informed of local property market news every month too.

With stories like ‘Has your house price doubled in value in a decade?’ and ‘Should you add that extra bedroom?’ performing across earned and owned media channels, we helped use value-driven content to grow their digital footprint. Led by the client’s overarching marketing strategy targeting ‘serious property seekers’, we ensured was known for more than just listings but as industry experts.

Securing prime time TV coverage almost every month, we consistently exceeded our coverage targets and ensured that maintained the highest share of voice compared to competitors. As we built our relationships and credibility, we increasingly found stakeholders and media proactively contacting us, signalling the value we were able to offer.

At a wider business level, our PR activity also contributed to the brand’s increase in unprompted brand awareness from 13% to 21%.


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